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Shadows of Eternity
Current Recruitment
Feel free to apply even if your class is not listed here, the classes named here are just our priority for recruitment.
Recent News
Steelbreaker Last
Aug 9, 09 6:33 PM
Adding to our hardmodes
Jul 2, 09 7:39 PM
First hardmode kill!
Jun 25, 09 6:44 PM
Brain with many maws devours itself
Jun 15, 09 8:08 PM
Ulduar Week 4
May 13, 09 5:34 AM
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             Welcome to the Shadows of Eternity guild website!

Please note that we are no longer an active raiding guild.

WotLK Raiding Progress
10-man T7: Approximately 15 people have the GotR achievement
25-man T7: All content cleared, Sarth+3, Malygos-20 and Malygos-6. Just missing Immortal for H:GotR.

10-man Ulduar: Cleared,
10-man hard-modes/achievements: FL+4, Ignis, XT, Raz, Kolo, Auriaya, Council, Hodir, Thorim, Freya+1

25-man Ulduar kill list: 
Flame Leviathan (+ 4)
Ignis (sub-4 min kill)
XT002 (Heartbreaker)
Kologarn (Disarmed)
Council (Steelbreaker last)
General Vezax

25-man Coliseum kill list:
Northrend Beasts
Faction Champions
Twin Valkyrie

10-man Coliseum Hardmode kill list:
Northrend Beasts
Lord Jaraxxus
Faction Champions
Twin Valkyrie

If you want to find out more about the guild or how to apply, please check out the Guild Info tab. If you need more info before applying, feel free to whisper one of us in-game.

Note: Please be aware that if you apply to other guilds at the same time as you apply to ours, you will not be considered.  

Current recruitment requirements:
Recruitment is closed.

Other Guild News

Steelbreaker Last

GreenilocksGM, Aug 9, 09 6:33 PM.
Summer's finally over and signups are back on track! We entered Coliseum-25 tonight for the first time and killed the Northrend Beasts on our second pull, and then we went and killed Iron Council-Steelbreaker Last to notch up our third hardmode kill in Ulduar. Onwards to the watcher hardmodes!

Adding to our hardmodes

SoE_GMs, Jul 2, 09 7:39 PM.
Got a real hardmode and a speedkill achievement tonight, well done all.

First hardmode kill!

GreenilocksGM, Jun 25, 09 6:44 PM.
Flame Leviathan with all towers up went down tonight, well done to all involved. Not bad considering last week was the first week we did +2!

Brain with many maws devours itself

SoE_GMs, Jun 15, 09 8:08 PM.
Finally normal-mode Ulduar-25 is cleared with Yogg-Saron lying dead at the end of it and SoE can rejoice.
We had many setbacks while working on him, including: many and varied dcs, holidays, marriages, departures, thunder storms, internet maintenance, etc. We were not to be deterred, however, and went to extreme lengths to get the kill - finally desperate enough to resurrect Qwayfe from an early grave.

Thanks to everyone who didn't hesitate to spend raids wiping on him, hopefully next week he'll go down a bit easier.

Special shout-out to Ayamon for spamming "I'm gripped" and looking pretty for 20 seconds after he was HoP'd out of a constricter!

Onwards to some hard modes.

Ulduar Week 4

SoE_GMs, May 13, 09 5:34 AM.
Definitely back to our best this week - both Mimiron and General Vezax were killed this week for the first time and we also got a full night of progress tries on Yogg-Saron. Pretty efficient work overall.

Hopefully we can push on next week and with a couple of days on Yogg-Saron we can get a kill. CLOUDS BAD!
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